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Individual Open Source solutions

The LIMBAS Framework is the basis for the production of individual business software solutions for medium to large enterprises. Tailor-made applications can be developed quickly and reliably to precisely meet with your company's individual requirements. Single solutions can be linked with others at any time in this modular system for databases, even an own ERP system is possible. Integrated core functions, editors, evaluation- and administration tools support your software development. Every solution created in LIMBAS can be extended with forms, reports and queries.
LIMBAS is easy to use: tables and fields are generated and linked together by 'drag & drop'. You profit from a quicker development time and reduce costs. LIMBAS offers limitless variety of adaptable solutions for all kinds of industries.

LIMBAS - ready for home office

LIMBAS - ready for home office...

LIMBAS - Open source solutions for companies

Open source solutions for companies

LIMBAS Version 4.2

LIMBAS Version 4.2