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LIMBAS Low Code - your solution!

Business applications implemented quickly with the LIMBAS low-code digitization platform.

The LIMBAS low-code platform provides the basis for creating individual business solutions for medium and large companies. Tailor-made applications to suit your company processes can be developed quickly and easily. Individual solutions can be linked to each other in this modular system for databases at any time, right up to your own ERP system. Integrated basic functions, editors, evaluation tools and administration tools support you in the development and every open source solution created in LIMBAS can be expanded with forms, reports and queries.
LIMBAS is easy to use, tables and fields are generated and linked using drag & drop. You benefit from a faster development time and save budget. This results in a limitless variety of flexible solutions for a wide variety of industries.
Thanks to its low-code technology, LIMBAS web applications can be developed precisely and there are no limits to the implementation of applications. In addition to the prefabricated elements and basic functionalities, LIMBAS always offers the option of implementing very individual and special features using code.

All this is possible with LIMBAS

These and many more solutions can be easily implemented with the LIMBAS Low Code System:

LIMBAS - Version 5.2

LIMBAS Version 5.3
...with big steps towards LIMBAS V6!

Have a look. Test LIMBAS now for free

Have a look.
Test LIMBAS now for free!

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