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Since 1996, LIMBAS GmbH has been implementing projects in the open source environment. The focus is on the development of individual, flexible solutions, together with fast and cost-efficient implementation. Because of this the framework LIMBAS is used in all projects.

In the LIMBAS framework, functions that are repeatedly needed in projects are firmly integrated into the core. This approach saves the user time and money in the development of individual software.

The LIMBAS developers place great emphasis on achieving complete user-friendliness. A high priority here is the use of open source. LIMBAS is license free in the full version. The company is financed purely through the services offered by LIMBAS.

The company philosophy is simply to provide its customers with products of the highest quality. Therefore great importance is attached to the reliability and smooth running of operating systems. For this reason any further development of the core that may be necessary is carried out internally by expert LIMBAS developers to ensure the compatibility of updates. In addition, LIMBAS GmbH offers qualified support.

A basic feature of LIMBAS is the flexible extensibility of the system. The guiding principle is to provide a customer friendly solution, that can easily be integrated into existing systems and can be expanded with new solutions.
Solutions must adapt to people and corporate structures not vice versa.

LIMBAS grows with your company and can be quickly adapted to new circumstances.

The mandarine     (The Limbarine... )

You may wonder what a mandarine has to do with an open source development tool! The individual 'wedges' of a mandarine represent the different independent solutions in LIMBAS which exist individually, but together form a complete mandarin - representing the complete LIMBAS service package! LIMBAS solutions can be used in a similar way, they can be used as insulation solutions or they can be linked together in a large framework. With LIMBAS, you can also create complete group solutions.