Public domain

Specialized procedures and e-government are the topics in the public domain.
Cities and municipalities face many new challenges here. Administrative activities are to be further digitized and applications of various types are to be made available to the citizen in a convenient manner.
The areas of application for the public sector are diverse, here are a few examples: In this way, various specialist procedures can be implemented and managed in LIMBAS. Individual applications and forms can be created and can be used both digitally and on paper. In particular, LIMBAS can replace access applications.
For example, LIMBAS can also be used for billing and invoicing: property tax, fees, and much more.
LIMBAS interfaces enable the communicate with the public homepage. For example, citizens can conveniently process applications and forms from home, which are then transferred directly from the website to the database.
A variety of evaluation functions can be used to consult them in all areas for decisions or a better overview. Original applications or photos can be linked to any data record using the integrated DMS system.  

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Specialist procedures in public administration...