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Success Story

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Comment from customer:

“The flexibility of the LIMBAS framework greatly impressed us. We have considered many other "out of the box" systems, but found none so convincing as LIMBAS. LIMBAS adapts to our processes, not vice versa. This is very important in the field of research. Our processes are adjusted to the needs of highly varied tests, therefore the software must be flexible enough to reliably function in all of these tests irrespective of their differences. As far as it is possible, we are happy to manage the software development ourselves at DLR which makes things more flexible and responsive. Nevertheless, we are very glad to have found a reliable partner in LIMBAS, who supports us in this respect and competently handels further development steps which we are unable to deal with ourselves. We are very pleased that LIMBAS can do this for us. We attach great importance to the constant professionalism and the good accessibility of LIMBAS Supports.."

Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Kubicka, Project Management, Institute FA, DLR Braunschweig.
(Translated by LIMBAS)