BEKW - Bioenergiekraftwerk Emsland

ISG e.V. University Freiburg

Customer comment:

"We use LIMBAS for our patient organization and for documentation of our ommunication channels (Including 4 different inbound call centers) as well as for the membership administration. Both modules were specially designed for us and leave nothing to be desired in terms of specification. The modules used by us fulfil the requirements of user-friendliness and provide a high standard of data and access security. Administration tools can be set up and edited independently. The LIMBAS team display comprehensive know-how and aspiration. They are always friendly and helpful and deal with our requests promptly. I can only say: We have never regretted Pro LIMBAS!"
Frau Pirnay-Kromer, Managing Director of ISG e.V.

"The member database is the first tool I open in the morning and the last one I close at the end of the day. Already at first sight, the most important information is visible, the detailed view is very clear and efficient despite its size. Changes are quickly implemented and directly accessible to all. The introduction into the system is user-friendly and simple because of the clear format. Nevertheless, in daily dealing questions can arise, but that's not a problem, because LIMBAS always has very friendly and competent people 'just a phone call away' who can provide professional help."
Frau Enderlin, Member administration ISG e.V.