Trinkwasserversorgung Magdeburg GmbH (TWM)

Trinkwasserversorgung Magdeburg GmbH (TWM)

Success Story: TWM - Technische Anlagenverwaltung

Success Story

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Customer comment:

“We maintain in the company a lot of large data stocks such as management and plant stock, basic services, stock of hydrants, Water meters and pumps, stationary devices as well as analysis results, calibration periods, meter readings and exchange, flow rates, power consumption, plant revisions and TÜV tests, pipe damage and faults. Not infrequently, changed laws, regulations, territorial reforms and restructuring require changes to the applications and data. Our company is spread over 4 locations, which are linked to the headquarters by narrow-banded leased lines. Under these circumstances, an application that runs centrally and in the browser and is fast, flexible and cost-effective to adapt to changing requirements, has great advantages for us. The training effort for the users was gratifyingly low, since LIMBAS is also well-developed by itself.”

Mr. Meyer, IT, TWM GmbH.
(Translated by LIMBAS)