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The development of LIMBAS Cores is carried out internally at LIMBAS GmbH, which gives you the greatest possible security for the compatibility of new updates to your existing LIMBAS systems. As a rule 3-4 updates are planned every year, sometimes more. Smaller versions are not always advertised extra by our marketing department.

Alle Updates bekommen Sie zum kostenlosen Download ├╝ber Sourceforge

All updates are provided for free download via Sourceforge. For LIMBAS Freaks who want to follow the development stage, we also offer our subversions on Sourceforge.

LIMBAS for free sourceforgedownloaden

LIMBAS appliance | Tools | LIMBAS source package

LIMBAS V 5-2 downloaden
LIMBAS source downloaden

Current Version V 5.3

LIMBAS source on GitHub downloaden

VMware / VirtualBox / KVM (.vmdk) downloaden

docker downloaden

RPM (CENTOS7) downloaden

Raspberry Pi image downloaden

Make yourself comfortable and leave us do your update. Our sales department provides you with information about service prices and dates to your current LIMBAS.


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