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Modular system for databases

Your advantage: LIMBAS is not a software off the shelf, LIMBAS means all solutions are implemented individually for you. Our individual programming of solutions does not start at zero, LIMBAS includes many integrated functions, such as rights management, calendars, reports, diagrams, etc. - significantly shortening programming time. The customisation and configuration of browser-based applications allow medium and large companies to easily support existing business processes. LIMBAS adapts to your company, your company does not have to adapt to purchased software. Many business units remain special, their requirements can not be met by standard software. In these cases LIMBAS offers you short development time and cost-effectiveness.

Site and platform independance

You have worldwide access to your data and operating system seperately via your browser. You can choose working with Microsoft, Apple Macintosh, or any other computer on the Linux-based system. On the road you have access via your notebook and with the help of a customized app you can also work with LIMBAS via your mobile phone.

Database independence

Choose the database that suits you best. LIMBAS supports the following databases:
PostgreSQL  |  MSSQL  |  Oracle  |  MySQL  |  HANA  |  MAXDB.

Structure independence

With the help of various interface integrations such as ODBC, SOAP, CALDAV or WEBDAV, it is possible to connect to external programs such as ERP, CRM, calendar or shop systems.

License free

Invest in your individual solution and not in licensing costs. With LIMBAS there are no license fees. The framework is based on the GPL2 license and the source code is provided to you for your project. This offers you flexibility in each individual project and you can decide what to develop yourself or have developed by us.


Not only LIMBAS is flexible but also our service offer to you. You can choose how to implement your project and which services you require from us. Decide whether you want to implement your project with little help from us, such as a workshop or support, or lay a full project into our hands – including project conception, "go live" and hosting.


The individual linking of tables and the creation of forms and layouts give you the possibility to create solutions according to your needs. The numerous integrated functions for different applications significantly help you reduce your development time.

Example: LIMBAS Report editor - Datasheet Creation

LIMBAS Report editor - Datasheet Creation

Example: LIMBAS Form editor - Customer Contact Form

LIMBAS Form editor - Customer Contact Form


LIMBAS is a future-proof solution

  • You receive the exact functions you need for your company.
  • You do not abandon your requirements and are not forced to use existing fields you do not need.
  • You receive a slim software solution without overhead - tailored to your needs.
  • User-friendliness: no unnecessary fields are integrated.
  • LIMBAS combines database framework with existing basic functionalities. These do not have to be re-implemented for your requirements. This saves a lot of developing time and your money.
  • Due to it's flexibility, LIMBAS can be adapted to your internal process changes at any time and will grow with your requirements in the long term. This means you have a long-term overview of software costs and do not need any major new acquisitions, but can also add new individual modules to your LIMBAS when needed.
  • All LIMBAS solutions can be linked to each other.
  • LIMBAS provides a number of interfaces for data exchange with other software solutions.
  • The development of the core is at LIMBAS GmbH.
  • Extensive range of services: support, training and workshops, regular updates and hosting.