A ready-made calendar module is provided in LIMBAS. Multiple calendars with different rights and functions can be created. The basis is a LIMBAS table, which can be extended with its own fields and formulas. An important aspect is the ability to link calendar data to existing tables, which allows you to use the calendar for resubmission, work flow solutions, spacial planning, and much more.

  • Based on Jquery fullcalendar
  • Use of indicator rules
  • Work with 'drag & drop'
  • Group access to the calendar
  • Reports and form rights
  • Prioritizing appointments
  • Extended rights
  • Entering appointments (start and end, notes and remarks)
  • Extention of own fields or own meta data
  • Creating individual layouts via the form editor
  • Linking the appointments table to already existing tables
  • Documentation for appointments
  • Full support of LIMBAS rights
  • Creation of multiple calendars
  • Day / week / month / year views
  • Assignment of general function / menu rights
  • Full-day apointments
  • Daily recurring appointments
  • Marking private appointments
  • Follow-ups function
  • Accessing the calendar 'on the road' (CalDav)
  • Small individually expandable selection calendar
  • Individually expandable
  • Collective and serial appointments
Vor Zurück
Like all LIMBAS modules, the calendar can be linked to other tables and integrated into existing forms. You can use the calendar to store all your Customer appointment dates, or use it for general appointments or layout planning.