Complex queries

The LIMBAS Query Editor allows you to create as many queries as you need in the usual graphical environment for your individual needs. Analysis and evaluation of Queries help you to make informed decisions in order to keep your business up to date. The Queries can be seen in the linked LIMBAS Graph Editor.

You can use your own SQL statements or the graphical query wizard. Your evaluations are treated as normal LIMBAS tables and integrated into the system. In addition to display, search and filter options, this also can be used for sorting and setting up reports.

The Rights Editor provides you with control over who creates, views, or edits queries. With LIMBAS Queries Database contents can easily be filtered, and special configurations can be created for more complex requirements. The information obtained in this simple way will help to improve the efficiency of your business.

Queries can be created without special SQL knowledge, and they can be used for forms or reports. As with Tables, a query can be administered via the right system. From the Queries you can create results lists from any selected combination of tables. The Query Editor provides valuable information about your customers buying behavior , product selection, regional preferences, etc.