Creating tables

The basis of each LIMBAS web application are tables. These are necessary for the efficient management of integrated data. This means: a customers management program would refer to the data of the customers table.

To create these tables, LIMBAS provides a table editor with which arbitrary tables can be quickly and easily created and linked using drag & drop. It is also easy to insert fields. Though there are many different predefined field types, LIMBAS makes it is easy to add texts, numbers, selection fields, checkboxes, uploads, and more to a table and the new table can be immediately accessed using a standard form. The standard form offers a full range of functions to create, search, edit or delete records and needs no special programming knowledge to use it.

Advanced features such as links to other tables, versioning rules, inheritance functions, or the integration of custom extensions make the tables editor an indispensable tool for quick and comfortable creation of web applications.

Tables can be arbitrarily linked to fields and other tables in LIMBAS.  This means that all correspondence and documents can be displayed and administered to the customer.