LIMBAS can version both, documents and records.

DMS versioning:
This function is used in the LIMBAS document management system to store different versions of digitally generated or scanned documents, to display the changes within a document, and to compare versions.

Record versioning:
In addition, the function in LIMBAS solutions (product database, CRM, workflow, etc.) can be used to version records. For example, In your LIMBAS product database, you can version individual articles and trace long-term price changes as well as changes to the article. It is possible to compare different versions up to the link level.

In the rights system:
Decide between automatic and manual versioning and specify in which fields this function should apply. It is also possible to specify which fields should be accepted during versioning.

All the functions for versioning in the overview:

  • Versioning of files and records
  • Storing of date, time and free comment
  • Any number of versions are possible
  • Extensive licensing, who is allowed to version which field
  • Save the handling employee
  • The exact changes of the different versions are compared
  • Automatic versioning can be set for any field
The versioning can be used in many ways in LIMBAS: Version, for example, manuals for your products, contracts, product descriptions, and more.