Workflow Engine

Many business solutions, from customer support and material management to product lifecycle management and more are supported by workflows. The use of workflows speeds up many work processes and reduces the error rate during processing. Complex coordination via e-mail, meetings and Excel lists is no longer necessary. Workflows can increase Productivity, raise the standard of work processes and greatly improve the quality of results achieved. This will save your company time and money. With the LIMBAS Workflow Editor, workflows can be added to every LIMBAS solution, or stand-alone workflows can be implemented.

PHP Magazin - 05/13

Workflows in LIMBAS... more

LIMBAS provides all the necessary resources for individual database application workflows to be implemented in Code. This approach guarantees the greatest possible flexibility in the implementation of workflows. A good knowledge of PHP is needed however to implement the various functions.

For example: Customer acquisition coupled with a workflow; In many companies customer management makes use of Workflow to link with 'new customer acquisition'.
(1) In order to acquire a potential new customer, an advertising brochure is first sent.
(2) If the customer then shows interest in the product, an online-demo-access is prepared.
(3) If the customer continues to show interest, a demo CD can be sent to him.
(4) When the customer is finally convinced, an appointment to discuss the projekt should be arranged.
(5) In the event of the customer cancelling, the customer acquisition workflow process is ended....