Flexible database frontend

As a graphical low-code platform, LIMBAS ensures efficient data processing and flexible development of easy to use database applications. LIMBAS supports a number of popular databases. With open source software, based on PHP, databases such as business processes, specialist applications, single solutions, evaluation tools, administration tools and many others can be implemented.

The web based low-code platform allows fast and cost-effective programming of processes in groups, companies, municipalities and the public sector.

With LIMBAS, a high proportion of basic functions such as tables, forms, reports and queries are available. 'Drag & Drop' allows intuitive forms, reports, tables, diagrams, and layouts to be easily created. Layouts can be adapted to the corporate identity, or one of the LIMBAS standard layouts can be used. Depending on the working environment, the dark layout for dark workplaces and the bright layout for bright workplaces.

LIMBAS dark layout
LIMBAS light layout

LIMBAS is installed on a Linux server and can be connected to various database systems and/or IT systems via interfaces (such as SOAP, and others).

You will appreciate the benefits of extensive administration and rights management and free use of many integrated group-ware features. Due to the high functional diversity and flexibility of LIMBAS, most of the requirements can be implemented much quicker than programming something new.

LIMBAS Developement

Data from existing IT systems is integrated via the interfaces into LIMBAS applications and made available for portal services and web portals. Innovative extensions can be integrated as modules. This saves a lot of time and money for companies using LIMBAS. All solutions developed individually in LIMBAS can be connected to each other and accessed from a uniform database. The LIMBAS system can be extended as desired, to a 'stand alone' system that meets with all requirements for administrative tasks in any specific company. Read more about this under products and in our data sheet.




Open LIMBAS data sheet
LIMBAS is a PHP-based open source low-code platform for creating database-supported business applications... read more