Access alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to Access based on Open Source?

If you have previously worked with ACCESS, you will find it very easy to use LIMBAS. LIMBAS functions on a web-based basis making it very simple for you to create your own database data.

LIMBAS provides many ways to edit tables, queries, reports, and forms, or export data.
All with simple 'Drag and Drop' usage within the LIMBAS Editors.

Integrated basic functions

LIMBAS has many essential functions already integrated providing fast and professional solutions for the easy implementation of your LIMBAS applications. Groupware components such as a calendar, follow-ups, versioning, mail function and an import/export tool are also included.


With LIMBAS you have a database solution that is based on a professional foundation without further costs, such as MaxDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL or My SQL. If your requirements grow, you'll be able to extend your system in LIMBAS at any time, without making major database adjustments.
Your LIMBAS database can be expanded with many other solutions implemented in LIMBAS (e.g. address management, product database, catalog creation, project management, billing, ERP, etc.)

Location independance

Since LIMBAS is web-based it can be reached from all workstations in your company, regardless of operating systems or location. This allows for simultaneous participation from all connected computers in your system.

Import / Export

If you still have ACCESS applications, you can simply import your existing data into LIMBAS. Our Import / Export Wizard allows you to do this quickly and easily.



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