Disposition solution

The basic functionalities in LIMBAS create the right basis for an individual disposition solution in LIMBAS.
Using the integrated query function, you get a quick overview of the current need. Evaluations can be created individually and viewed from different perspectives.
Workflow and resubmission functions help to react in time. Resubmissions can be linked to any dataset in LIMBAS and assigned to the responsible employees or groups. Your disposition processes are optimally supported via the integrated, individually programmed workflow engine.
By integrating external systems via the provided interfaces, an exchange of the scheduling data into other group software is guaranteed.
In addition, many other useful features can be incorporated into your solution, such as: barcode scan or different forms to process the disposition via a DMS system. Due to the high adaptability of LIMBAS, there are no limits to your requirements.

Success Story

BEKW - Bioenergiekraftwerk Emsland - Disposition software and warehouse management for renewable energies....