GroupwareLIMBAS Groupware

LIMBAS provides a set of standard groupware functions which can be individually customized and expanded. Such functions as: a group calendar, an e-mail function and follow-ups in which your own follow-ups as well as follow-ups for other employees and employee groups can be listed. With the integrated file manager, any kind of file can be managed and linked to data sets in LIMBAS.
Each groupware function can be adapted to the processes in your company, and in this way the calendar module can be extended from customizing to a full room plan. And from workflow functions, follow-ups and mails can be automatically linked to records (still to be edited) - and much more.


Already integrated:
Possible customizing:
  • Manage shared Forms and Reports as templates for company documents
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Ticket system
  • Space management
  • Resource Management
  • and more...