Questions about LIMBAS


What makes LIMBAS unique?
LIMBAS is a powerful tool for creating tables, applications and workflows based on UNIX / Linux operating systems. On the client side it is platform-independent and can only be operated via the browser. LIMBAS uses many procedures necessary for data security, such as transactions, backups, and access restrictions.

How good is the performance of LIMBAS?
LIMBAS is designed for high performance. Because of its high database dependency, the performance of LIMBAS is mainly influenced by the performance of the database used and its available resources.

How safe is LIMBAS?
LIMBAS is authorized by its powerful rights-system down to the data record level. Login secured for each user. Additional security may vary depending on the server configuration and network configuration, e.g. through VPN, SSL, and other technologies.

Can LIMBAS be extended?
YES, all applications created with LIMBAS can be connected with each other or individually expanded. Interfaces for use with your own extensions are available. Extensions and additional functions can be simply integrated into the code. This makes it possible to adapt LIMBAS to suit your exact needs.

Do I need a user license?
No, LIMBAS is open source and is subject to the GNU General Public License.

Can LIMBAS be used as a replacement for Access?
YES, LIMBAS is a database frontend and includes basic functions such as tables, reports, queries. Therefore, many applications created with Access can also be implemented with LIMBAS.

What is the difference between LIMBAS and Access?
LIMBAS is web-based, so users can access their website independently via their browser. LIMBAS provides many other extensive features and solutions that are not included in Access, e.g. Rights, email, calendar, etc. (Open LIMBAS Datasheet)

Are there ready-made solutions in LIMBAS?
NO, they are not needed. LIMBAS is a framework within which specialist applications are individually adapted to match the special needs of each respective process. Another advantage of LIMBAS is that it contains basic functions that significantly accelerate the implementation of these applications.

Can LIMBAS be connected to other systems?
YES, most of the time data can be exchanged via an import and export function, as well as via various interfaces such as: (REST, SOAP, ODBC, WEBDAV, LDAP, IMAP, WSDL, CALDAV, ...). If none of the standard interfaces are being used, the LIMBAS team can on request program interfaces to work with a wide variety of other systems.

Questions about system requirements

Does LIMBAS run with the standard software I already use?
YES, LIMBAS itself runs on a UNIX / Linux server, is web-based, and you can access your LIMBAS data at any time using any web browser, it doesn't matter which operating system you use on your work computer.

Does LIMBAS support UTF-8?
YES, LIMBAS supports UTF-8.

What are the system requirements for LIMBAS?
LIMBAS runs under most UNIX or Linux operating systems. LIMBAS needs the Apache webserver and supports the following databases: Hana DB, SAP MaxDB, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and also the MySQL. In work is the Oracle database. LIMBAS even runs on Raspberry Pi.

Is it possible to use it on Windows systems?
Because the LIMBAS client is the web browser, the LIMBAS front-end runs on all systems where a web browser is available. The server component is only available for Linux / Unix systems.

Questions about functions

Can the screen background appearance be adjusted?
The layout of LIMBAS can be customized. There are different possibilities for this. In the standard LIMBAS system, e.g. Color, language and layout are changed via the personal profile. Logos, pictures, font sizes and fonts can be integrated into the standard LIMBAS by the administrator. LIMBAS can be provided with every corporate identity. In addition, customized work surfaces can be created using form creation.

Can LIMBAS be used multilingual?
Yes, LIMBAS is designed for multilingual use. User interface, tables/field descriptions and table contents offer language selection.

Can own PHP program components be integrated into the backend and frontend?
LIMBAS itself can be extended via extensions, both in the backend and in the frontend. The programming of the core is exclusively for the LIMBAS team to ensure the compatibility of updates with previous versions.

Questions about databases

What database is behind it?
Currently the Hana DB, SAP MaxDB, MSSQL, PostgreSQL and also the MySQL. In work is the Oracle database.

Can other databases be used?
Basically it is possible to adapt LIMBAS to most databases with ODBC interface.


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