Implementation of projects and technical procedures

When you implement a project with LIMBAS, we accompany you from beginning to end. We will work out your requirements catalogue with you, or if you prefer, you can simply provide us with your completed workload and duties statistics. On this basis, we will create an offer for your project and implement it with you. During the development you will always have insight into the already developed applications and you will certainly appreciate the advantages of the agile software.

Development of individual solutions

Entwicklung von Individuallösungen


  • Project concept
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Programming


  • Validation and verification
  • Software introduction
  • Support
  • Documentation

Contact us, we are always pleased to advise, or to submit an offer for your individual workshop needs.

Do you want more?

In addition to our LIMBAS portfolio, we offer you application server hosting services, such as:

Citrix Terminalservices

Citrix Terminalservices

We implement your virtual desktop solution with Citrix and look after your servers professionally all around the clock in secure and air-conditioned rooms in our data center at QSC AG.

FOSS-Cloud - Open Source Desktop Virtualisierung

Open Source Desktop Virtualization

OSBD covers all aspects of open source desktop virtualization and makes the open source project no longer required license-based solutions such as Citrix, or VM.

ESX - ESXi Virtualisierung

ESX / ESXi Virtualization

In addition to our CITRIX hosting, we offer virtualization solutions using ESX or ESXi.

XEN KVM Virtualisierung XEN KVM Virtualisierung

XEN KVM Virtualization

As an alternative to a Citrix or ESXi solution, you can opt for an open source variant such as XEN or KVM: Just as good as the classic application server hosting but open source.

For an individual consultation and a specific offer, please contact us and tell us your requirements. We will be happy to advise you.

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