LIMBAS - Dark Layout


For night owls and dark workplaces

In bright working surroundings a positive screen representation, i. e. black writing on bright background is optimally. The pupil diameter is adapted by the eye to the lighting conditions of the working surroundings. In these surroundings a bright screen is ergonomic. The eye must not adapt the pupil setting of the screen to the surroundings lighting constantly if the look is directed beside the screen or outside during the day. This means the eyes must perform less adaptation work.

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Vice versa a very bright screen tyres the eyes in dark surroundings, the eyes must adapt constantly between dark surroundings and bright screen. A tiredness and possible dryness of the eyes occurs faster. Who doesn´t want to adjust the ambient lighting, can access a negative display of the screen. LIMBAS provides a remedial action through the new dark layout. For all applications which are to be operated under low light influence!

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Convince yourself and take a look at our dark side.