LIMBAS - ready for home office

With all LIMBAS solutions you can work worldwide on business trips as well as from home per home office.

Your internal LIMBAS application can be accessed quickly and easily from any computer using a standard browser.
Since access is web-based, it does´t matter which system the computer used is based on: Linux, Windows, MacOS, everything is possible.

With the integrated rights editor, access ia managed securely for all users and user groups. The individual user rights are defined here and the access data is also managed.

For even more security, LIMBAS access can also take place via a VPN tunnel. The advantage for the user is that he can work on his usual work surface and the company's internal data is stored centrally on the LIMBAS server. LIMBAS provides consistently good performance both within the company and from the home office.

Your LIMBAS team will help you implement your secure solution and set up a VPN tunnel.

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