LIMBAS - International

Multi-client capability, multilingualism, validity versioning, and much more.
LIMBAS offers international companies individual software solutions to work effectively and language-barrier-free with branches and subsidiaries.

Validity versioning:
For some data records it is necessary to have validity periods. The validity version is required here. For example, data such as VAT, salaries, discounts, and much more can change within a billing period. However, the creation of an invoice or billing takes place after the period and until then a new discount or VAT rate may apply.
The validity versioning documents when which sentence applied and can thus be called up again and again in the long term.
In this way, LIMBAS guarantees complete tracking, filtering and sorting, as well as a graphic representation on a timeline.

In LIMBAS, extensions for the LIMBAS document management system have now been built into the multi-client capability.

Template engine, complicated template based reports.
Wysiwyg Editor:
It is now possible in LIMBAS to create the layout of reports without adding HTML data elements. The report generation runs completely without programming.

Language independence:
The language independence integrated in LIMBAS has been expanded to include a further point. So far, the contents of fields that were finally filled, for example, could only be edited via the English LIMBAS interface. With the new version it is now possible to edit the input fields in other languages ​​with any language interface.

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Release notes V 4.3

Validity functionality for tabledata
Extended multitenant functionality
Full template based reporting system
Template wysiwyg extension
Inline editing for multilanguage values
User based reportManager
Global data synchronisation