New ways - with LIMBAS 4.0

PDO - database abstraction layer

LIMBAS Version 4.0In addition to the ODBC interface, LIMBAS offers PDO version 4.0 or higher. For all companies that want to run LIMBAS on a shared server with their hoster, PDO is often the only way to do this.
Also for Linux professionals, the preparation of the Linux server for the LIMBAS installation is significantly simplified. Complicated settings of the ODBC interface is eliminated.

Report templates

The current report enhancement makes this tool more comfortable. Reports can be split into individual blocks or elements that can be stored in LIMBAS. Any element can be used in different reports simultaneously.
A possible field of application in the company is e.g. Contracts of any kind. Often different contract elements repeat themselves and must be used and changed again and again depending on the execution of the respective document.
With the new report template, different elements can be saved and, depending on the constellation, integrated for individual contracts.

Form templates

The form editor allows different working views to be created within LIMBAS for different departments. Different partial views of these forms for different departments are often the same.
Using the form template function, these elements can be created, saved and added to the respective forms.

Download the new LIMBAS version now!

Release notes V 4.0

adding tcpdf based pdf report
adding new searchform for tablefilter
adding menueditor for own menustructure
dynamic primary key field for Views
password storage with hash
smart table scroll
pagination with smart table scroll
report tables
extend tables in reports with cells for styling