LIMBAS Crowdfounding

Our philosophy:

The full version of LIMBAS is free! New functions in LIMBAS are often financed by customer projects. This results in 3 - 4 updates over the year, the functions of which benefit everyone who uses LIMBAS.


Sometimes there are developments that should be incorporated into LIMBAS that are beneficial for all users, but are not required in any project. This includes adjustments to new technologies or the revision of the layout. The development time that flows into these projects must also be financed. Of course, the LIMBAS team puts a lot of personal effort into these projects. Since we also want to reward our employees fairly for their work, we are dependent on paid customer projects and innovations that are not financed by customer projects are often neglected.

Here we need your support:

You can support us to keep LIMBAS at the high quality level and to introduce new functions. You can invest development days for features you like so that new functions are available to you more quickly.

Current project: Bootstrap

We are working on giving the LIMBAS layout a "makeover". So that the whole thing is much faster and easier in the future, we are in the process of re-implementing our layout based on the common front-end framework "Bootstrap".

LIMBAS Crowdfounding Bootstrap

Total planned: 65 development days;
already implemented: 30 days;
LIMBAS Crowdfounding Bootstrap 18 days by LIMBAS;
LIMBAS Crowdfounding Bootstrap 12 days customer-financed;
LIMBAS Crowdfounding Bootstrap for 35 days we are still looking for financial support.


LIMBAS Crowdfounding - Bootstrap


LIMBAS Crowdfounding - Bootstrap
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