LIMBAS - Version 5.0 ... coming soon!

Work on the latest LIMBAS Version 5.0 is proceeding at full speed.

In addition to the switch to PHP version 8, there will be many other changes in LIMBAS, both in terms of usability and changes to the layout. The aim of the developers at LIMBAS GmbH is to retain tried and tested advantages such as web-basedness, database independence, individuality, ease of use, easy implementation, flexibility and the open source character. In addition to the updated user-friendliness, there are new features, a new modern layout, improved intuitive usability, even more adaptability and new technical features.

The new LIMBAS version is expected to be released this year. Until then, we will keep you up to date with new information about the new LIMBAS version.

Preview new layout:

LIMBAS - from old Layout to new Layout


We will keep you up to date until the new version 5.0 is launched. Please come back soon and find out about the current development status.

Until then you have the opportunity to test the current LIMBAS version! We provide you with one of our demo servers for one week free of charge.
Simply register here.