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Success Story:  DMS bei Weleda

Success Story

DMS at Weleda.... mehr

Success Story: Produktdatenbank für den Mittelstand

Success Story

Product database for the middle class...more


Customer comment:

“I work mainly with the product database and in this context with the compendium. What I particularly like is the quick overview, which I get when looking through the database. One can quickly call up and view a lot of information without having to open a hundred different windows. and the implementation of targeted corrections is quick and simple. Limbas cares about our business and is always ready to help when needed. Whenever I had a probleme which I couldn't solve, I was always optimally helped. Thank you Limbas for your commitment..”
Fr. Angela Ley, Produkt Managerin Cosmetics, Weleda AG.
(Translated by LIMBAS)