File manager

The file manager is the ideal addition to all LIMBAS solutions. You can choose between assigning files to your personal or your public folders. You can also select functions such as: saving, deleting, creating folders, renaming, uploading, downloading, copying and transfering files.

LIMBAS recognizes duplicates and document versions, allows full-text searches, indexes documents and creates preview images. Like all LIMBAS modules the file manager is based on a LIMBAS table, which can be supplemented with its own fields, meta data and forms. Linking documents to existing tables is also possible.

Besides the folder viewing, images can be seen in an image gallery and documents found in a search engine. With optional OCR detection and other features the file manager can be developed into a fully fledged document management system that can be linked to other LIMBAS solutions. In addition to the browser function, documents and folders can be displayed directly in the desktop via a WEBDAV interface.

DMS Datasheet

With the LIMBAS document management system, you can easily archive and manage your digital documents. The LIMBAS DMS is browser-based and... more

The most important functions of the LIMBAS file manager:

  • Mini-Explorer additional browser for fast file, or second file, window selection
  • Integrated comprehensive rights allocation and management
  • User-defined selection of displayed fields
  • Tree view in all windows
  • File lock
  • User-defined selection of displayed fields
  • Support of Archive formats such as RAR, TAR and ZIP
  • File archiving
  • Display of characteristics and context menu
  • File filter for displays
  • Language independence
  • Favorites list
  • Integrated WEBDAV Server (Desktop Integration)
  • Move, copy, rename and delete folders and files
  • Advanced search with details search functions
  • Quick search of files
  • Keyword search / Fulltext search / Metadata search
  • Verification and creation of MD5 cross-sums
  • Flexible testing for duplicates with the duplicate manager
  • Archive upload / download Storage or downloading of data collected or packaged
  • Convert / Sync
  • Preview image gallery / thumbnail images
  • Unicode filenames and long filenames
Like all LIMBAS modules, the file manager can be linked to other tables and integrated into existing forms. For example: you can save documents or invoices to your orders or link pictures and plans to your products. The file manager displays such possible links for each document.