Data synchronization

The LIMBAS data synchronization in the master / slave process, in contrast to the deployment module, does not synchronize the LIMBAS application, but the actual data contents of the tables. All tables stored in LIMBAS can be synchronized. The data is adjusted in both directions and prioritized according to rules. The special feature of this module is its flexibility to create different variants (templates) of the synchronization and execute it by job or manually.

Synchronization is done through PHP sockets in conjunction with database transactions. This ensures that your data is securely synchronized and consistent even in the event of loss of connection or database errors.

System synchronization

The system synchronization is best suited for adapting several independent and independent LIMBAS instances. In the project development, different development instances can be managed up to the productive system.
A complete export of all table structures, system tables and script extensions is created, packed into an archive, sent to the target system, unpacked there and imported again.
During this process, existing table structures are synchronized and local settings, user data or individual adjustments are transferred to the target system.

Previously, the user has a comprehensive overview of all changes to the systems involved.


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