CRM - Customer Relationship Management

A CRM in LIMBAS is created to fit your requirements exactly.

Everyone needs to manage their contacts, but not everyone needs all the solutions that a standard CRM can offer. Too many fields often create confusion. The software user will find his way better if he has only the points that he really needs, which not only shortens the time for training into a new system, but also makes your employees more efficient in the long term.

With LIMBAS, we recommend you provide only the fields and functions your employees really need. Our individual customizing will allow for new functions to be developed at any time if you plan to expand.

So many businesses can't make use of a standard CRM, especially in such cases the fast development possibilities with the LIMBAS CRM framework could solve their problem.



LIMBAS CRM Datasheet
The LIMBAS CRM consists of a set of basic functions combined with an individual... more