DMS - Document Management System

The LIMBAS document management combines the advantages of the LIMBAS server with the functionalities of a DMS. The basic functions are digital archiving and the recording of documents with automatic indexing functions, server-side OCR recognition and integrated versioning.
The main focus, as always with LIMBAS, is on high user-friendliness with high functional diversity. The seamless integration into other LIMBAS components guarantees flexibility and ease of use.

The LIMBAS DMS works exclusively browser-based and can therefore be used regardless of platform type or location.

This allows customer contracts to be stored with the appropriate contact directly in your CRM, and contract changes to be fully monitored in the intergrated versioning.



The integrated document indexing system automatically labels text-based documents, such as PDF, Word, XML, HTML, or Excel and thus significantly facilitates fast recovery, a huge advantage when compared with paper archiving. The index size can easily be in the multi-digit million range. Wide reaching adaptation possibilities ensure compliance with any individual requirement. Indexing can be done immediately or simply as a 'nightly job'. Furthermore, the LIMBAS DMS provides a search formular for ease of search and presentation, similar to those one is used to with conventional search engines. Published documents stored and authorized in LIMBAS can be found in an external search portal.


As well as generally supporting data versioning LIMBAS provides a powerful sophisticated version which allows for automatic or manual version documents, including their metadata and additional information, to be quickly and easily versioned. Additionally, their content can be simply compared and sorted.


LIMBAS uses an external OCR recognition program for the automatic identification of server side texts. The functionality seamlessly accesses the indexing process, enabling easy browsing of documents which were formerly paper-based.


Metadata is documented in the LIMBAS table system. This allows for individual adaptation. You can create, link, and append your own meta data fields or even whole tables. In addition, meta information in the format EXIF, IPTC or XMP from JPG / TIFF or PDF files is automatically identified and entered again into the file. If the meta data maintained in LIMBAS is opened locally, the data can still be selected without LIMBAS.

Picture archive

Easy and convenient archiving, management and publishing of all kinds of image files. The images are automatically recognized and analyzed during the upload process. LIMBAS supports over 100 formats including DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, SVG and TIFF. A watermark integration is available to protect the image files. The LIMBAS graphics function allows EXIF, IPTC or XMP data to be selected. DublinCore metadata can be added to the image. An integrated image processor provides fast and easy to use tools for contrast, brightness, colour balance and filter. Conversion tools are available for making easy adjustments to image resolutions or image formats. The image data is published from a special front-end, which allows the Internet user to search for images and place them into the lightbox.  Also to buy or to download images.


The WEBDAV interface provides a comfortable system-independent desktop integration. MS Office or OpenOffice support this standard protocol. In addition, many more conversion functions are offered including a specialist range of image functions for easy work with graphics.


The complete document structure is displayed in the database, which enables high performance and independence from the file system. Group and user rights can be flexibly assigned for all folders via the user / group management feature of the server. All documents are stored encrypted in a browser-inaccessible directory. The data call is invoked without exception via the local user directory. For external accesses, e.g. SOAP, a specially designed proxy is used. In addition to high data integrity through transaction security, file versioning is supported.


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