LIMBAS is perfect for cloud computing solutions thanks to its reliable web-based capabilities. In addition to our standard service with which we implement your solutions in LIMBAS, we also offer professional cloud computing for all LIMBAS solutions. As an option we can provide the server infrastructure and platform for your individual needs.


The QSC network connection connection uses a 50 Gbit / s backbone with over 150 peerings and guarantees a 99.95% degree of security and availability.The site is protected by several safety measures (see QSC brochure).

QSC security

  • All the controls are with alarm and camera monitoring
  • Multiple access controls via personalized ID card
  • All-round guarding and permanent video surveillance
  • Each rack is also secured by its own number lock

Service description

  • Provision of hosting infrastructure for server services
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • In case of a total loss and data loss, the data can be reconstructed within 6 hours and hosting can be continued on our own servers until a replacement hardware is available
  • Exclusive operation of RAID data storage systems
  • The hardware is backed up by the latest generation of Cisco Firewalls
  • The power supply is redundant and additionally protected by emergency generators
  • Permanent availability monitoring by external systems

LIMBAS hosting variants


Virtual server hosting, virtualization, enterprise LINUX, operation, maintenance, backup, availability 99%, without contract period

Monthly 130,- €

We offer this service for both virtual and dedicated servers. Further hosting types are available on request.

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